Deka Intimidator AGM Battery 8A31DTM


Advanced AGM technology with dual purpose design ¬†makes the Intimidator great for quick starts and plenty of competition quality accessory power for: stereo systems, boats & RV’s, hydraulic lifts, winches, on-board electronics and any other power demands.

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Deka Intimidator 8A31DTM Specifications
Group Size 31
Warranty 12 Month
Chemistry AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 800
Cranking Amps (CA)
Reserve Capacity (RC) 200
Amp Hour Rate (Ah) 105
Length: 12 15/16
Width: 6 3/4
Height: 9 3/8
Weight: 69 lbs.

The Deka Intimidator’s tight-pack and separator construction provides added power for resistance against hard-hitting stereo, competitive racing or off-road wear and tear vibration. Along with more efficient design, the Intimidator has the same case configuration used by original equipment manufacturers for an easier fit into more applications.

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Weight 69 lbs


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