Deka Dominator 8G8VGC (GC2)


The Deka 8G8VGC (8G8VGCM) is a direct replacement for any 8V group GC2 (Golf Cart) leadd acid, GEL, or AGM batteries

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Product Description

8 Volt Р140 Amp Hrs РGroup GC2 (Golf Cart) Sealed Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine, RV, EV (Electric Vehicle), Golf Cart, UPS, Inverter, Solar Panel (Photovoltaic), Telcom, CATV and Stand-by Applications


The Deka 8G8VGC (8G8VGCM) is an American made GEL deep cycle battery. The GEL batteries offer many significant advantages over conventional liquid acid batteries. Because there is no liquid electrolyte to leak or spill out of the battery, the Deka 8G8VGC (8G8VGCM) can easily be installed in hard-to-reach locations. There is no need to check fluid levels. The Deka 8G8VGC (8G8VGCM) gelled construction also eliminates vibration damage to plates. These are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing.


Warranty is for 3 month free replacement.

Deka 8G8VGC (8G8VGCM) GEL Battery Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 8V
Amp Hour Capacity @ 20 hr rate: 140 a/h
Reserve Capacity @ 25 amp discharge rate: 270 mins
BCI Group Size: GC2 (Golf Cart)
Marine Cranking Amps @ 32* F: 575 amps
Cold Cranking Amps @ 0* F: 400 amps
Weight: 70 lbs
Length: 10 1/4 in.
Width: 7 1/8 in.
Height: 10 7/8 in.
Terminal Type: offset post with horizontal stud Graphic: Made in the USA




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